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3 songs from our older sound. These are old demos, and free to download.

“Animal” is a lovely organic composition, brimmed with layered acoustics and elements of shoegaze. Fuzzy atmospherics take over about halfway through and transform what begins as an acoustifolk tune into something in the Adem, Grizzly Bear, and Here We Go Magic realm. "
-I Guess I'm Floating

Shane Dinet: Guitar, Vocals, and programming
Brent Meuller: Bass

Shane Dinet 05/18/2011


released May 18, 2011



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Track Name: Animal
I found you dear out in the meadow.
I'll keep you my wounded animal.
Grass grows tall, to hide us from the passing night.
Walk under my lantern that i hold for light.

Time will take you friend, or will you take your time?
Summer turns to fall, leaves set them self on fire to remind.

To look around, and realize. What it is to truly be alive.
Track Name: Black & White Movie
Do photographs always make you sad?
I'm a ghost darling, take my hand.

I'm a ghost swimming through your days.
I know just how to pass the days, until I see your face someday...

I can't wait....
To see your face...
Track Name: Julianne
Your Eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes.
Julianne ooooo, your eyes oooo, Julianne oooo, wanna be with you ooooo.

I wanna see the seasons pass by with you, with our fingers locked in amber- pine goo.
Breathe northern air under cold skies of blue. Sing a sparrows song pure, and true for you.
I want to see the autumn days shine with you.Washed out in your glow, it shines on me too.

Julianne ooooo, your eyes oooo, Julianne oooo, wanna be with you ooooo.